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About us


Mailany is a management tool of centralized emails accounts with an Web interface. It is intended for the ISP and SOHO which aims at delegating part of mails managment accounts of their clients.

Mailany reduces the costs of exploitation of the ISP and gives to the clients the control of their mailboxes. Mailany enable the creation and the management of emails accounts on several servers from a single interface.

Thanks to Mailany, no particular knowledge concerning the emails is required, which makes it possible to off-set this administration on the clients. So, the clients have a control of the addresses and emails accounts for their domains.

The WEB interface of Mailany offers the following functions:

- For the user :  
  - Possibility of changing its email password via a specific interface,
  - To enter and activate/desactivate its message of absence.
- For the client :  
  - The client and the user have access to the same functions,
  - To list the mailboxes of the client's domain,
  - Add/Remove of mailboxes,
  - Add/Remove mailing lists,
  - Possibility to activate/desactivate the antivirus on each mailbox,
  - For each mailbox, possibility to receive a mail for each sending of SMS*,
  - Creation of forward and aliases for the client's domain,
  - To change password of a mailbox.
- For the administrator :  
  - The administrator and the client have access to the same functions,
  - Creation / Change / Remove of clients,
  - Creation / Change / Remove of domains,
  - Creation of a serie of mailboxes via a file of the spreadsheet type,
  - Assignment of a customer to one or more domains,
  - Limitation of the mailboxes storage space by domain,
  - Limitation of the number of mailboxes by domain,
  - To change password of a client's mailbox,
  - To question the mails in failure.

Date Version
11/28/2001 Version 0.12.5 of Web Mailany (Minor bugfixes)available
10/24/2001 Stable version 0.12.4 of Mailany available
06/12/2001 New nonstable version 0.11 of Mailany
02/27/2000 Stable version 0.10.0 of Mailany
* only if inscription near Jet Multimedia.